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 If you need SR22 insurance in Deltona Florida Staybull can help.  Staybull Insurance provides SR22 coverage for the entire State of Florida including Deltona.  We are an independent insurance agency that writes insurance for many popular insurance companies like Progressive, Foremost, Dairyland, Gainsco and more.  Staybull agents are specially trained to handle SR22 insurance and we are considered experts in this field.  We write thousands of SR22 policies all across the state and use the latest technology to service our customers.  If you purchase an SR22 policy from us we can submit your SR22 filing to the State of Florida immediately.  We are also able to provide non-owners SR22 insurance in Deltona for people that do not have a vehicle.  Staybull agents understand that the SR22 filing process can be confusing and we are here to make it a easy for you.  Submit a quote request on our website and we will e-mail the quote to you as soon a possible.  Please feel free to give us a call or use our “chat with an agent” feature if you have any questions.  

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Deltona Florida SR22 Insurance FAQs 

Why am I required to have SR22 insurance?  The State of Florida can require you to have SR22 insurance for a number of reasons.  It may be because you:

  • Got pulled over, and you were not able to produce proof of insurance and did not have insurance at the time
  • Let your insurance lapse and got pulled over 
  • Did not have insurance at the time of an accident
  • Got into an accident that caused bodily injury and you did not have bodily injury coverage on your insurance policy
  • Got pulled over or got into an accident while driving another persons vehicle that did not have insurance
  • Have to many violations on you driving record 

What is SR22 insurance and why are they making me have it?  The SR22 filing is attached to a regular auto insurance policy.  The filing itself is a form that is electronically submitted to the State of Florida when you purchase an SR22 insurance policy.  Your new SR22 insurance policy will completely replace your old insurance policy.  The SR22 certifies to the State of Florida the that you have bodily injury limits of 10/20 and property damage coverage of $10,000.  The Florida Department of Highway Safety and motor vehicles wants to make sure that if you drivers license is reinstated you have the correct bodily injury limits to protect the public.     

Can I make payments on my SR22 insurance policy?  Yes, in most cases you are allowed to make monthly payments for your SR22 insurance.

What if I don not have a vehicle and the Deltona DMV is requiring me to have SR22 insurance?  In most cases we are able to write whats called a “non-owners” or “named non-owner” SR22 policy if you do not own or regularly operate a vehicle.

How much does SR22 Insurance cost in Deltona?  Insurance rates vary so much from person to person it is hard to tell without requesting a quote.  Deltona is a smaller town and many insurance companies have great rates in this city.  Typically we see smaller cities have better rates because your risk of getting into an accident is a lot less.


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