SR22 and Insurance: What Is an SR22 and Why Do You Need It?

Drivers who face charges for violating the law may need to reapply for car insurance. It may raise their rates, but it’s an important step.

Some drivers with less-than-perfect records may need to file an SR22 before getting their license back or becoming reinsured. Since they’re an uncommon requirement, some may wonder what is an SR22?

This essential form is a way to reinsure insurance companies that you’ll maintain the minimum level of insurance and meet all other requirements. They only last for a specific time and not everyone has to file one, but failing to fill one out can lead to serious consequences.

Read our guide to understand what an SR22 is, why you may need it, and how to get one.

What Is an SR22?

The SR22 is not a form that everyone has to fill out, so many drivers may not be familiar with it. It’s also important to understand how it differs from SR22 insurance.

Also known as a certificate of financial responsibility, an SR22 is a special insurance form. It proves that you’ve purchased the minimum liability insurance and will maintain coverage for a specified time.

SR22 insurance refers to the coverage a driver obtains after submitting their SR22 form. Read this article to understand what it covers and how to obtain it.

Types of SRR2 Forms

There is more than one type of SR22 form. There are separate reasons and requirements for each, and it’s important to understand the differences.

There are three main types or SSR to know; the operator’s, owner’s, and operator-owner’s certificate.

An operator’s certificate covers a driver who operates any vehicle, even if they don’t own it. An owner’s certificate covers all vehicles that a driver owns and drives. An operator-owner’s certificate covers any vehicles the driver owns and uses, an option usually used for people who use company cars or delivery vehicles.

The type of SR22 form you’ll need depends primarily on how many vehicles you own and drive. Knowing the right one to get is an important step in the process.

Why Do You Need an SR22?

It’s important to know what an SR22 is, but it’s also necessary to know why a driver may need it.

An SR22 form may be required for various reasons. These include convictions for serious crimes like DUIs or vehicular homicides, being in an accident while uninsured, and getting too many points on a license. It’s also necessary to obtain an SR22 to reinstate a license after it’s been revoked or suspended.

Each state has different requirements, so it’s important to find out what the laws are in your area.

Penalties of Not Having an SR22

Not every driver needs to file an SR22 form, but there can be severe penalties for those who need to and don’t. Some possible repercussions include losing a driver’s license, being unable to reapply, and/or longer SR22 duration.

Most states require an SR22 before reinstating a license. It provides proof that the driver will maintain the minimum level of insurance.

The requirements for how long drivers have to maintain SR22 insurance varies from state to state. Some areas require drivers to maintain the SR22 during the entire suspension period. Some set a specific time after the suspension, and any lapse in coverage will restart the suspension.

Not maintaining SR22 insurance for the specified time in your state restarts the time requirement. If the required period is 3 years and the driver had insurance but lapsed in coverage after 2 years, they will have to maintain insurance for another 3 years.

How Do I Get an SR22??

The final important thing to know is how does SR22 work? There is a multi-step process for obtaining an SR22.

The first step is to contact your service provider. They’ll charge a processing fee of $15-20. Then, you will receive a copy of the form for your records.

Drivers are required to have the appropriate insurance before filing an SR22. Your insurer must notify the state if your policy ever lapses or falls below the legal requirements in your state.

How Much Does an SR22 Cost?

The only immediate cost of filing an SR22 form is a small fee. The costly part is paying new insurance rates.

Insurance companies determine rates based on risk, and most people who require an SR22 don’t have the cleanest driving records. Obtaining insurance after filing an SR22 can lead to increased rates, but just how much depends on the offense in question and state laws.

For ways to raise money to cover the costs of an SRR, check out our other article.

How Long Does an SR22 Last?

Offenses don’t stay on a driving record forever, and drivers also don’t need to maintain SSR insurance for the rest of their lives. It’s important to know the required time, as not meeting it can lead to severe repercussions.

An SR22 form usually lasts from 3-5 years, with an average of 3 years. The length varies from state to state, so drivers must know the requirements in their area.

After the required period, the SR22 doesn’t automatically fall off your record. You have to tell the insurance company to remove it yourself. Then, it may be beneficial to reapply for insurance to take advantage of lower rates.

What If I Don’t Own a Car?

Not owning a car doesn’t automatically mean you don’t have to file an SR22. Non-owner SR22 may still be necessary.

As previously mentioned, an SR22 is usually a requirement for reinstating a license, whether you own a car or not.

Non-owner insurance also applies to other situations. It helps avoid lapses in coverage that can increase rates and covers damages for borrowed or rental cars.

Where Can I Get SR22 Insurance?

What is an SR22? It’s a necessary form for drivers that meet certain conditions to maintain insurance.

After filing, drivers must apply for SR22 insurance. While it may come with increased rates, it only lasts for a specified length of time. It’s also necessary to avoid serious penalties.

Not every insurance agency has the same costs or the same services. We provide SR22 insurance at affordable rates. Get a quote and contact us for more information today.


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