Requirements To Your Florida SR22 Insurance

There are about 200,000 car accidents in Florida every year. This makes for an average of 650 crashes every day.

The Florida SR22 insurance is one of the ways in which the State of Florida ensures that people involved in a car crash get compensated. Nonetheless, not every driver needs to get the SR22.


Only motorists who are deemed ‘high risk’ are required to get this insurance. It must also be submitted to Florida’s Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about the Florida SR22 insurance.

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What Is the Florida SR22 Insurance?

After an accident occurs, there are a lot of things that ensue. These include getting medical care for the injured individuals, legal fees and compensation, as well as determining how soon either driver can get back on the road.

To ensure that all those processes are handled smoothly, a proof of insurance form is necessary as the state of Florida requires that every driver has insurance.

If you get into an auto accident and it is discovered that you do not have the state’s minimum auto insurance coverage, you will be requested for an SR22 form.

The SR22 refers to the rates that an insurance provider charges a policyholder in order to complete the process of proving to the government that both vehicle and driver possess auto coverage.

As such, an SR22 insurance quote is separate from the actual insurance coverage.

Therefore, despite being referred to as insurance, the SR22 is actually proof of insurance and not insurance in itself.

In a nutshell, the SR22 is a certificate that gives the state details regarding your insurance coverage, such as the name of your provider, your policy’s validity, and more.

As a result, the state is able to keep track of your coverage so that it is aware when your policy expires or is canceled.

Also referred to as the ‘Certificate of Liability Coverage,’ the SR22 certificate is required for drivers who do not have insurance at the time of the accident.

The aim of the certificate is to ensure that drivers maintain auto insurance requirements by the state. This helps you avoid your driving privileges from getting suspended.

Who Should Get SR22 Insurance?

As mentioned earlier, the SR22 is not required from every Florida Motorist; only the ones deemed as high risk.

These include:

• People with a mandatory insurance suspension
• If you have received a judgment involving an accident, point suspension
• If you are at fault for an accident and you do not have the state’s required insurance premiums
• People who have earned too many violation points or tickets on their record
• If you have missed child support payments.

Nonetheless, the SR22 form isn’t the only proof of insurance document required by the state. The FR44 is another. If you have just moved to Florida recently, it is necessary that you know how to differentiate between the two.

While the SR22 is able to be the single source of proof of insurance in most states, in Florida however, it is split into two distinct documents.

• The SR22

The authorities will specifically ask for the SR22 if it is determined that you are responsible for an accident but do not have the insurance the state requires.

Obtaining it before your license is suspended will increase your chances of avoiding suspension. Obtaining it after will allow you to reinstate your driver’s license.

• The FR44

The authorities usually require you to produce the FR44 if you are convicted of driving while under the influence but do not have the insurance the government requires.

However, if you happen to fall under both categories, then you will only need to get the FR44.

SR22 to Reinstate Your Driving Privileges

Even though the State of Florida requires you to get the SR22 Florida insurance in order to reinstate your driving privileges, the government does not offer the form.

Instead, you will need to obtain it from an insurance company. Different companies have different rates, thus you will need to compare rates so you can choose the best fit.

After the company hands you the form, you can then submit it to the authorities in person or via mail.

If you have already been suspended, you will need to wait out the suspension period to get your privileges reinstated. Afterward, you shall pay some fees, which are typically determined by your history.

In addition to showing the SR22, you will also need to show proof that you have enrolled for an Advanced Driver Improvement Course.

If you must have your license while under suspension, you should consider applying for the hardship license.

The hardship license allows you to operate a vehicle for business purposes only. You will need to take the Advanced Driver Improvement Course in order to get this license.

Depending on your circumstances, you might need an SR22 even if you do not have a car.

Getting the SR22 in Florida

Your liability insurance provider should be able to give you a quote for an SR22. The right SR22 insurance must cover:

• $10,000 for every injured individual in an accident
• $20,000 for the entire accident
• $10,000 for damages caused to other vehicles and properties.

The state requires insurance companies that handle more than 1,000 insurance documents to offer both SR22 and FR44 policies. As such, a larger company is likely to have what you need.

What Happens If You Do Not File for an SR22?

The penalty of not filing for the appropriate SR22 or FR44 policy before the suspension date is that you will lose all your driving privileges during the duration of the suspension.

After the suspension is over, you should be able to reinstate your privileges. However, you will have to pay some extra fees.

If you discover that you need to file for both an SR22 and FR44, there is no penalty if you only get the FR44. This is because it covers all the requirements of the SR22.

It is also worth noting that if you get your license suspended in Florida, you cannot apply for a license in another state until your suspension is over.

Get Your SR22

Few things can be more irritating than getting your driving privileges taken away from you. By acting swiftly, however, you should avoid the occurrence of that happening by getting your Florida SR22 insurance.

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