How to find your SR22 case number

To find your SR22 case number in Florida you must go to the Florida drivers license check website at .  Here you will need to enter your drivers license number and then you should see your information pull up.  You should see something that says “FR suspension” and you will also see your SR22 case number listed.  Your SR22 case number will be a nine digit number that could start with a one, two, three, five or six but sometimes it may start with another digit.  In most cases the DMV will also send you a letter in the mail stating that you need to purchase SR22 insurance and your case number will be listed on that document.  It is possible you might see more than one case number.  If  this is the happens you should give us a call so we can determine the correct case number that you need to use.  If the Florida drivers license check page just shows your license as valid and does not show your case number it may be because you recently had an SR22 on file.  In this case you would need to contact your current or prior insurance company to get the SR22 case number.  You can also call your local DMV to get your case number if none of these options work.  Your SR22 case number is how the DMV tracks your SR22 filing and it helps them make sure your keep your insurance active.  It is important to keep your SR22 case number in a safe place because you may need it in the future.  If you have any questions or need help finding your SR22 case number just give us a call and we can pull it for you.  If your requesting a quote we automatically pull your SR22 case number for your convenience.

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