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     Staybull provides insurance for individuals considered to be high risk.  High risk drivers typically pay more for insurance because they do not have the best driving record.  If you have a bad driving record and have a lot of tickets or accidents in the past we can help!  Staybull is an independent agency that writes insurance with many different insurance companies.  Independent insurance agencies have contracts with many major insurance companies so this allows us to shop around for you.  Every insurance company has different rates for people based on their driving record, age,  location etc.  One insurance company may be better for someone who has two speeding tickets while another company may be better for someone that has had a DUI.  This is why it is so important for high risk drivers to shop around before purchasing insurance.  We also have markets available for individuals that have had pip claims and can provide SR22 and FR44 filings for individuals that are required to have them.  We have contracts with the best high risk insurance companies in Florida and can find you a policy in a timely manor.  Our agency utilizes electronic signatures and can quote and write your policy in minutes.  When you submit a quote request to our website we will check with all the insurance companies that we have contracts with to see who has the best rate.  When the quote request is completed we then e-mail the quote over to you for review.  Let us help you find a policy that meets your needs and your budget.  Staybull insurance agents are specially trained to help high risk individuals and can answer any questions you may have.  For more information visit our website dedicated to Florida high risk auto insurance .  Please feel free to give us a call or use the live chat feature if you have any additional questions.  

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Staybull can provide insurance for many high risk individuals even if you…

  • Have a bad driving record
  • Have  accidents in the past
  • Have prior PIP claims
  • Have had your drivers license suspended
  • Need the SR22 or FR44 filing 
  • Do not have any prior insurance
  • Have bad credit 
  • Have young drivers
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