Cheap SR22 Insurance in Florida

     The State of Florida may require you to carry SR22 insurance for a variety of reasons.  Finding cheap SR22 insurance can be hard if you live in certain areas and we are here to help.  Staybull insurance can provide SR22 insurance for the entire State of Florida.  We have contracts with most of the major Florida insurance carriers and can help you find low cost SR22 insurance that fits your needs.  Staybull agents are specially trained to handle SR22 polices and can answer any questions you may have.  In most cases we can also make changes to your quote to find something you are happy with.  When we receive a quote request from you, we quote it with most of the insurance companies that offer SR22 insurance in Florida to find you the best rate.  You can get a quote and purchase your SR22 policy from any smartphone or computer.  Please feel free to give us a call or use the live chat feature if you have any questions.

Florida SR22 Insurance Quote

How does the SR22 filing process work?  

 When you find the quote that is right for you and purchase your policy the SR22 will be filed with the State of Florida electronically.  The SR22 is filed using your full name, drivers license number and SR22 case number.  Your insurance agent should be able to pull your SR22 case number directly from the DMV’s website.  Your new insurance carrier will most likely provide you with an SR22 certificate that you can take to the DMV with you to get your drivers license reinstated.  In some cases your insurance agent will also need to fax the SR22 certificate directly to the DMV that you are going to if you recently purchased the insurance and the electronic filing has not yet been processed.  When you renew your SR22 policy the SR22 will automatically be filed to the state by the insurance company.  If you miss a payment and let your policy cancel the State of Florida may suspend your drivers license.  You might want to make sure that you are eligible to get your drivers license back before you purchase an insurance policy.  

Some things you can do to make your SR22 insurance cheaper..

  • Shop around – Make sure that you shop around to find the best rate possible.  Insurance companies all have different rates in every area and some insurance companies charge less for some violations.  
  • Discounts –  Make sure that your are getting every discount you are entitled to.  Some examples of discounts that insurance companies give are being a homeowner, going paperless, having prior insurance and good grades in school for youthful drivers.
  • Deductibles –  Consider raising your deductibles for comprehensive, collision and personal injury protection.  You can always raise your PIP deductible but if you have a loan on the vehicle you should ask your lien holder if they will allow you to have a higher deductible for comprehensive and collision coverage.  
  • Reduce coverage – If you do not have a loan on your vehicle you can opt to rejected comprehensive and collision coverage altogether.  




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