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How do you get an out of state SR22 filing?  Although it may be difficult, it is possible to get an out of state SR22 filing.  For example, if you move to Florida and had an existing SR22 filing in Virginia, the state of Virginia may require you to have an out of state SR22 filing before you can obtain your Florida drivers license.  In this case you would need to write a Florida auto policy and have your Florida insurance carrier file the SR22 filing with the state of Virginia.  The state of Virginia would then release the hold and then allow you to get your Florida drivers license.  Not all insurance companies will do out of state SR22 filings.  In some cases the specific insurance company will only do filings if it sells insurance in both states.  It is also important to know what the minimum requirements are in the state that requires the original filing.  For example. Virginia’s  SR22 requirements are 25/50/20 and Florida’s are 10/20/10.  If you are in Florida but need an out of state SR22 filed with Virginia then you would need to purchase a policy with at least 25/50/20 in coverage and not Florida’s lower 10/20/10 limits.  If you don’t own a vehicle it is possible to purchase a non-owners SR22 policy with the out of state filing.  In some case depending on the filing number, and your particular situation, you may need to pay the policy in full.  If you have any questions about out of State SR22 filings feel free to contact our office.

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